Private art lessons!


Art lessons are designed to draw out creativity in children and develop skill in their favourite areas of art. They will look at colour, shape and texture in the Fine Arts and will regularly exhibit to parents and friends to show off their achievments. Lessons will be shaped around the child's interest and suited to their age and are designed to be weekly occurrences; allowing room to see the child's progression. The length of the lessons vary due to the age of the child.


Private lessons can be arranged for adults too. Tone, texture, structure and form will be explored throughout lessons and if there's any specific area of interest the student has, the lessons can be shaped around that.

The cost covers all materials used and the lessons are held in Kingsgate. Payments are to be made on the day of tuition, however should you wish to pay monthly, alternative arrangments can be made.

3-5 years   45 mintues
Individual Lessons £15
Group Classes £10 per child

5-11 years   1 hour
Inidividual Lessons £15
Group Classes £9 per child

11+ years   1 hour
Inidividual Lessons £20
Group Classes £10 per person

Any queries or for more information on location and times available please contact me.